A Property Review of Homes in Pucklechurch and Bishopstown

The recent series of “The Insider” exposed a number of problems with some of the luxury properties that are being sold off in the summer months. Among these properties were those in Pucklechurch, Weston-super-Mare and Bishopsworth.

Among the problems identified were the fact that many of these properties had not been properly serviced by the builders or the contractors that they employed, meaning that they were left with problems like holes in the walls that may have been caused by water damage. Also, many of these homes had no fire alarms installed and were often unoccupied, leading to a potentially serious safety issue.

While it is true that the residents of some of the properties in Pucklechurch did not feel that the build-up of dampness or damp was a problem, some of the properties in Bishopstown and Weston-super-Mare did report issues. For example, the residents of a home in Bishopstown claimed that the pipes inside their home were leaking after years in use and the homeowners had to hire a professional to come into the home and carry out a repair job.

Another property in Bishopstown claimed that there were a number of potential fire hazards in the property, including an open flame being located in the kitchen and an electrical fault. The residents of a home in Weston-super-Mare reported that the build-up of damp was particularly dangerous as there were no fire alarms in place and no sprinkler systems in the property. A number of the residents also reported that their homes did not contain adequate fire fighting equipment.

It is true that some of these properties may not be fully serviced by the builders or contractors that they employed, meaning that they may not be fully equipped to fight a fire or protect themselves from any danger that may be presented. However, if you do choose to purchase one of these properties for sale in the summer months, it is essential that you check that the home is fully serviced before you sign any contracts.

In some cases, the owners of these properties may choose to skip out on their property maintenance for fear of having to pay for it, but this could prove to be a serious mistake. By taking the time to check the home thoroughly before purchasing, you will find that it is in fact safe and secure, even if it is slightly more expensive to maintain.

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