Home Interior Design and Gifts

Home Interior Design and Gifts have been a direct selling company selling many types of decor, which were sold to more than 140,000 consumers through home parties held by many companies throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Highland Capital Management owned a significant portion of the company before it was purchased by The Sterling Corporation.

Highland Capital was founded in 1954, by Richard L. Hill and James M. Smith. The two men worked together at the University of Minnesota as a research assistant on the campus. It is said that the two men were talking about creating an interior decorating service to sell products to students in their dormitories. It was their plan to create a business with their interests and talents.

Today, many of the original principals and employees are still involved with the Home interior design and gifts business. Most of the people who work at the company are college students and university employees. They are responsible for many of the ideas and concepts that are incorporated into the furniture, home accessories, and other interior decorating products that they sell. This includes the research necessary to create new products and styles.

There have been many changes in ownership of the company since the original purchase by Highland Capital. This includes many mergers, acquisitions, and other business operations. As the company expands, so does the number of people who work in the company, and so does the scope of its products.

Home Interior Design and Gifts have made many wonderful products that have helped people create beautiful homes. These products include floor mats, wall hangings, furniture, rugs, curtains, mirrors, wall decor, paintings, and other products that help homeowners bring their dreams to life. Because of the success of these products, many people are choosing to use the products themselves to help them create a home of their very own.

There are many other companies that offer Home Interior Design and Gifts products as well. Many of them also offer a wide variety of unique designs and ideas. If you are interested in purchasing some of the many different types of decor available, you may want to consider visiting some of the stores that sell this type of product around your area.

The original founders of Highland Capital were very passionate about helping other people live out their dreams in a beautiful home. If you are looking for a great way to improve your home’s look, you may want to check into this home decorating company. There are many other companies that can help you create your dream home as well, and you may find that a high quality Home Interior Design and Gifts item will suit your needs exactly. You will be amazed at the great ideas that are available to help you make your dream home look beautiful.

Home Interior Design and Gifts are also responsible for many great decorating trends. If you have an idea in mind for a decorating product but do not know how to get started, you may want to visit this company. They will help you in any way they can, including giving you valuable advice on what type of material you should use, and what type of paint to use and what type of wood to use, and the colors and stains that you will need to incorporate into the final product that you create.

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