Mount Hood Corridor – Housing Options for You

In a time when most people associate real estate with strip malls and small ranches, Persimmon Ridge real estate has a lot to offer. Situated in the mountains of Oregon, this mountain community is home to luxurious estates such as Shady Hollow, Timberline and Cherry Grove. These estates are unique and offer many outdoor activities and amenities for their residents and guests. One of the main attractions of the community is the Shady Hollow Lake, a public lake surrounded by luxurious homes and gardens. The Shady Hollow Golf and Country Club offers an eighteen-hole championship course as well as tennis, hiking trails, swimming, boat rentals, and more.

While living in Mount Hood, you will never be far from nature. Oregon’s Hiking and Mountain Gear are located just minutes away. The store has everything you need to get out in the great outdoors, and they even offer lessons. You can even take a trail ride on their brand new mountain bike. The store has four bike racks for your convenient shopping experience.

You can purchase real estate in the Mount Hood Corridor area as well. There is over one hundred and fifty thousand square feet of space to enjoy. You can find luxury homes and single family homes that are for sale all across the county. You can find them in places such as Greenbrae, Clovis, Rhododendron, and more. The real estate agent will be able to match you up with a property that is perfect for you.

Mount Hood Corridor real estate also has a number of commercial spaces that are available. The main businesses include restaurants and movie theaters. There is no shortage of these types of businesses in this area. Many of them are within a few minutes drive of your home.

Mount Hood Corridor is very close to the larger cities of Gresham and Beaverton. This makes it very convenient to commute from these larger cities to your home in the evenings, weekends or on the holidays. There are also many employment opportunities in this area that allow you to work from home that aren’t located within the city proper. This includes data entry positions, telemarketing and other clerical type jobs.

Mount Hood Corridor has an excellent economy with many employers nearby offering affordable benefits and excellent health and vision care. You can also live where you want to live and how you want to live. This is a great option for you if you are looking for a slower pace or just don’t have to conform to the crowd.

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